From CEO:

Just to set the record straight, since I have been filing a lot of extensions.

**An extension to file will give you until Oct. 15 to file your taxes. It does not give you more time to pay your taxes. You still must estimate and pay what you owe by April 15th to avoid a late filing penalty.  You will be charged interest on any tax that you do not pay on time.  You may also owe a penalty if you pay your tax late.**

Even though you file an extension, please plan to get your taxes done ASAP. If you owe, this will increase the amount you owe once the IRS put those extra fees on it. I have been telling you all to get ready. I am not understanding the problem. It comes the same time every year.  So people we have to do better or I am coming to your house next year regardless of what state you in. Okay!!!!