From CEO:

I am asking who reads this post to join me in a Savings Campaign.

For every week you put $1 week 1,$2 week 2,$3 week 3,$4 week 4,$5 week 5, etc every week until you get to 52 weeks which will be $52.

Well, I started my week 1 today in my savings account with $52. I decided to start backwards since I seem to have more money at the beginning of the year. Let’s start here together from 3/20/2015 to 3/20/2016, and if WE do not touch it, we will have $1378 at the end of our 52 weeks.

You can start with a $1 this week or $52. What do you got to loose – I dare you, I triple dare you!!! You bad, you bad, come on! Show Seawright Accounting Services what you working with!!

We will celebrate at the end – then we will start over!