From CEO – Mad today. My 80 year old client was scammed out of $50,000 from someone in Africa claiming some kind of investment that will double your money. “REALLY”. People just like you have a relationship with GOD, just like you have a relationship with your spouse, HAVE A RELATIONSHIP WITH YOUR MONEY.

Didn’t you read about GOD, didn’t you get to know your spouse, didn’t you ask questions?? Hello – do not sign your name on nothing you don’t understand. Please do not send money to anybody overseas, state to state, whomever without knowing the facts.

People even claiming their calling from the IRS. IRS only deal with you via MAIL. You will never get a call from the IRS talking about send money right away. Wake up people – this is new era we live in – people scamming everybody.

Prepare a budget, know where every dime you spend is going. If you got extra – open a Traditional or Roth IRA, CD, emergency savings account – do something!!!! Let’s Move it People!! Okay!!!

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